Finally! A good meal

I had a totally underwhelming dinner on Friday at the Mission Beach Cafe. Read the Yelp review. You'll understand. Here's an excerpt:

After about 30 minutes, we were seated. Having had plenty of time to look at the menus, we proceeded to look at them some more. We ordered the Flat Bread with prosciutto and goat cheese--the Flat Bread of the Day. When it arrived, I swear it had diced ham on it. Whatever it was, it was NOT prosciutto.

We also ordered our entrees: Rabbit Pot Pie with a side of potatoes for me, and the lamb burger for R with a side of the vegetable of the day.

First the burger: the waiter "warned" R that the burger would be full-flavored. Is this a good tactic? He ordered it medium-rare, and it came medium (which is what he wanted--thanks Yelpers for that tip!). And it was, indeed, full-flavored. R didn't love it; I thought it was okay, but would rather have a real burger. Lamb should come in chop form. His plate of asparagus looked appetizing enough, but I didn't try any for the following reason: TEMPERATURE

I don't know if they're trying to save energy or simply lack a thermometer, but all of my food was tepid--as were the vegetables. I'm a firm believer in hot food. And pot pies fall into that category. As do, I think, mashed potatoes. But these were far, oh so far, from hot.

I also believe that food sent back to the kitchen is tampered with, so I bit my tongue (at least IT was warm).

However, last night, R, Blake and I went to Zoya. It was my second time dining there, and once again it was delicious. Thank you, thank you, Zoya!

You've restored my faith in SF dining.


Darling, as good as the meal was all this restaurant food cannot be good for you, what you need is someone at home, slaving over a hot stove, cooking for you, simple little ten course dinners to tempt, greeting you at the door each night, when you're home from a hard days work, in a bungalow apron and dry martini.

Course One
Frigate Bay Prawns
Course Two
Hickory Smoked Heirloom Tomato Consommé'
Course Three
Port Poached Salmon with Lobster Mousseline
Course Four
Grilled Mignon Medallions with sauce Lyonnaise
Course Five
Roasted Baby Rack of Lamb with sauce Diane
Course Six
Crisp Romine Salad
Course Seven
Roast Squab with Arugula, Blood Orange, Stilton Salad
Course Eight
Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette
Course Nine
Basseterre Spinach Pastry
Course Ten
Waldorf Bread Pudding with French vanilla Ice-Cream

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