Going Gray

On my way to Beth's party
Originally uploaded by Todd X.
It's true. I've actually been going gray since my twenties, but I've been fighting it with the help of Dow Chemical Company.

Well, I'm going to see how far it's progressed. I'm letting it come out--for a while anyway. :)

In the meantime, I'll drink my pain away.

Wish me luck.


Darling Todd,

Prematurely grey hair is distinguished NOTHING is sexier than a young man going artistically grey at the temples, has no one ever told you that before. You're always trying to improve on perfection and it's a loosing battle if you ask me. But if you insist dear, I'll send you a can of shoe polish because that's what it will look like.

"Venus De Milo was noted for her charms, strictly between us you're cuter than Venus and what's more you've got arms."

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