Crash: My theory on MUNI, BART and the SF Municipal Transit Authority

I have a theory. MUNI and BART are in cahoots. Instead of a strike, the employees have decided to take out their frustration against the MTA management and the citizens of SF by any means necessary. Increased benefit costs? Take that SUV! No raises for three years! Bam! Pow! Crash!! will go the trains and our cars. Operation costs will skyrocket until they get the contract they want. Allegedly, that is. I mean, it's just a "theory."

Take heed, MTA supervisors. The trains are out to get YOU! In the meantime, drivers and pedestrians of San Francisco, keep your eyes on the trains. Don't blink. They can be on your butt in no time.

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JimmyD said…
Maybe this one was hate against gay porn stars:

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