Oprah steals from the GREATEST POET EVER!!

As I was reading the paper today (ahem, the National Enquirer is too a TOTALLY legitimate paper!), I came across this little nugget of journalistic gold. Apparently, the publishing world is not in as much trouble as one would have believed. And finally, poets, those unacknowledged legislators of the world, are getting their fair share. Well, until Oprah stepped in!

Single-handedly attempting to gut the thriving and lucrative poetry business, corporate hack Oprah Winfrey stole Damon Lloyd Goffe's poems, republished them, and sold over 650 milion copies at $20 a pop. That's a clean $1.2 trillion, my friends. Goffe is suing--as he should! And IT&S hopes he gets paid back every dime.

For a little context: total book sales in the US in 2007 were about $25 billion. WHO is buying all the poetry!!?

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