Disaster in the Castro! Chow has a fire in the kitchen

If you've never been to Chow, then how can we be friends? Seriously, this institution of eatery and community is like the anchor to this end of the Castro. Alas, they had a fire in their kitchen on Friday morning and will likely be closed for weeks. My god! Where will the gays eat now?!

I'm not sure I can make it without the daily special (AKA the "Heather Locklear" AKA the salmon) for several weeks. And no short ribs?! And that delicious salad with apples and candied pecans!! Is anyone else hungry?

Here's wishing Chow a speedy recovery. Now get to work, you guys. We need you back soon.

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docutz said…
There there Todd. They do have a couple other locations (though nowhere near as convenient) if you need your fix!
I miss this place. Used to live right in the neighborhood before moving to the LA area!

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