It costs $221,000 to raise a baby!

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The USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion released a report today that says a middle-income family with a child born last year will spend about $221,000 raising that child through age seventeen. When you add the skyrocketing cost of a university education (an average of $25,143 per year at private four year colleges and you DO want Junior to make something of himself, don't you?), the cost is well beyond the $300,000 mark.

Now, what would I rather do with $300,000?

1. Make a downpayment on a house.
2. Take a fabulous $13,000 vacation every year for the next 22 years (instead of dealing with Junior's issues)
3. Buy several cars and new wardrobes.
4. Set up a scholarship fund for underprivileged or underappreciated students.
5. Move to Paris

In short, enough is enough. It's time to investigate the ROI of these screaming, oozing, pooping blobs of wonder that I have to put up with in restaurants and movie theaters. Think before you procreate. And most importantly, think about the impact your meiosis will have on ME!

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Pilgrim said…
Only 300.000$? How cheap!I Europe its about 600.000€. And for that dough I would expell you not only from Paris, but from Europe. :-) Propz Pilgrim

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