Darwin's Theory of Lovevolution, Or How to Ruin a Perfectly Good LoveFest in SF

Not only do the organizers want to change the name, now they want to charge $10 for admission to Civic Center. From Love Parade to LoveFest to Lovevolution, this non-partisan "let's just have a good time and dance to great music" party is slowly devolving. I've had great times here in the past, but I'm not sure I'll be able to afford the $8 vodka and Red Bulls if they're going to charge me a sawbuck to get in. Besides, it's just really going to mess with my buzz, yo.

Don't let the love fester, LoveFesters! And, to my city supe, Ross Mirkarimi, don't do it! Don't pass the resolution to let them charge admission. What are they promising you? A free ride on the best float?! Ross, let this one slide and your first drink is on me. Plus, I'll dance a little boogie with you. That has to be worth something.

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WHAT!? okay, that is totally lame! There is no LOVE in paying for lovefest.
toddx said…
You're right, Tracy. There's not enough glitter and E in SF to make up for this. :)

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