The tale of the observant passerby

Talk about self-sacrifice!
Mendocino County's sheriff is recovering from second-degree burns after he pulled a woman from a burning SUV near Ukiah. Sheriff Tom Allman says he was on his way home from work Tuesday night when he came across the burning vehicle on the shoulder of Highway 101. A passerby told Allman a woman was inside. He pulled her out and wrapped her in a blanket to extinguish the flames. The woman was taken to the burn unit at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. Her name and condition have not been not released. Allman suffered second-degree burns on his hands but is expected to return to work Thursday. Fire officials say it's not clear what caused the vehicle to go up in flames. The fire spread to nearby grass and threatened a home before it was put out.

WHO was this passerby?! Give that person a good Samaritan award!! S/he had the fortitude to glance at a burning car and then mention to a police officer that a woman was inside. The bravery! The chutzpah! The unvarnished altruism of it all!!!

In other news, I was recently nominated for a good citizenship award for not pushing this annoying woman into oncoming traffic last week. I believe I showed incredible restraint.


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