Hellooooo, Murse! Do you carry a man-bag?

This article was called "Men with Baggage." Methinks the NY Daily News speaks the truth. The guys in this piece have some serious baggage. And since when did we start calling these things "murses"?

Look, I carry a messenger bag almost everywhere. It's the norm in SF. I carry a pretty plain (albeit self-designed) Timbuktu bag. It's a little worn and I need to replace it. But, a murse?! I think not. And $2000-3000 on one? No way.

Now, had this been an article about shoes, I might have had a different opinion. Shoes are TOTALLY worth $2000.

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Anonymous said…
I use a messenger bag but my 75 year old dad has a man bag! He uses Axe products too. Am I wrong to find this a bit creepy?
toddx said…
No, Sean, you're right to be disturbed. Buy him some Old Spice and a canvas bag. It's for his own good.
Matt Stallings said…
When I was working 25 miles from home and had to drive through a tunnel under the Chesapeake bay I carried a Backpack. But a "Murse" is just STUPID!
THOSE shoes?

I carry a laptop everywhere, so a bag is an inevitable accessory. Not spending 2 grand for one, though. Hell, I didn't spend that much for the computer either.
toddx said…
No, not THOSE shoes.

These: http://www.treehugger.com/ugly-shoes.jpg
Nubian said…
I am in total agreement on the shoes!

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