Extreme Multi-tasking or "How I save time at the urinal"


My colleagues are busy people. So busy, in fact, that they inevitably find themselves worshipping at the alter of multitasking. I get it. I really do. I'm busy myself.

But. . .

Look closely, if you dare, at the photo above. Yes, it's a urinal, ladies. And, yes, we men actually do use them. However, we typically use them for one thing and one thing only. Apparently, though, someone didn't get the instruction manual.

Do you SEE the blue blob in the urinal? Do I need to tell you what it is? It's TOOTHPASTE!! Someone was brushing his teeth at the urinal (and I'm making a gender assumption here and I recognize that nothing would theoretically prevent one of my female coworkers from brushing her teeth at this particular urinal, but let's get real). My mind tried to reach for a more palatable reason for the toothpaste's presence:

1. Maybe it's not toothpaste and someone has a medical condition I'm unaware of.
2. Maybe someone was brushing his teeth, needed to spit, but BOTH sinks in the bathroom were being used.
3. Maybe we've been invaded by aliens.

While I hope it's scenario #3, I tend to believe that Dude (yes, let's call him "Dude") was brushing his teeth, felt the call of nature, walked over to said urinal while still brushing his teeth, relieved himself and spat simultaneously. For his sake, I just hope it all went into the urinal.

But, Dude, in the future, can you please try to keep your hygienic routines separate? Or at least flush the urinal 5-600 times and wash away your shame? We would all really appreciate it.


mkf said…
i walked in once and found a crumpled potato-chip bag on the floor under one of ours. is that worse? yeah, i think it is.
Gauss Jordan said…
What's worse is being well into a phone conversation (which someone else started!) and suddenly being interrupted by the sound of a toilet flushing.

Once again, someone's taken multitasking a bit far.

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