Finally, an official drink for the Castro: Protein-infused vodka

Devotion Vodka, a San Francisco creation, is billing itself as the world's first protein-infused vodka. Needless to say, this caused a few reactions in me. I'm proud that someone in SF has the balls to market something that just sounds wrong on first hearing it mentioned. But, if there's going to be something ultra-premium and weird with food, then it's going to come from NorCal.

Then, I giggled and thought, "Oh, Devotion, you're not the world's first." I mean, have you been to the Castro after Badlands closes for the night? Honey, there's plenty of vodka-infused protein being exchanged in the doorways, on the sidewalks, in the streets, the cars, the nearby alleys and apartments. And don't get me started about Muni. So, Devotion says protein-infused, I say vodka-infused. Tomato/to-mah-toe.

But, think of the possibilities. A Red Bull and Devotion could potentially provide me with all the necessary nutrients: caffeine, sugar, protein and vodka. What else does a body need?! My god, the makers of Devotion (thank you, Drew Adelman) have created the end-all, be-all wonder drink of the ages! Finally, we know what the pyramid builders must have imbibed.

And, if this guy is pouring, then color me at the bar. "Why yes, I WILL have a Devoted Bull! How did you guess?" (wink)

See you in the 'Stro.


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