Washing my hands in Grey Goose

If it's good enough to pickle my liver, then it's undoubtedly good enough to sanitize my paws. In my dreams, rivers of vodka pour from my faucets and wash away the dirt and grime of the city. Ah, nirvana.

If you, too, find yourself with a little extra vodka in your pantry, then Heather Craven offers this recipe for making your own vodka-based hand sanitizer:

* 1/4 cup aloe Vera gel
* 1/4 cup vodka
* 10 drops fragrance oil

Mix and put into a pump bottle. Then, resist the urge to add cranberry juice or soda water. Cheers!


I never have enough vodka left to even wet a towelette.
toddx said…
This is why we don't invite you to parties. :)
I thought it was because I peed in your sink and ate all your powdered sugar on a dare.

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