Weekend in Truckee

The Thanksgiving weekend seemed like a great time to get out of SF, avoid the Black Friday madness, and frolic in the snow-covered pine trees in the Tahoe/Truckee area. Usually, I hate the cold. I'm over it. I grew up in a place with distinct seasons--hot summers and cold winters. Now, though, give me temperate consistency and I'm happy.

However, I always look forward to going up to Truckee and sitting in front of the fireplace. I'm bundled up and that first hour when the house has to warm up is torture, but I love it. Then when our friends get here and the house fills with conversation and laughter and games and wine and food, it transforms into something amazing. Each time I visit I want to stay. Dear boss, about that telecommuting policy. . . .

I hope you're all having a nice weekend too. If it's snowing there, too, get under the blanket and have a hot toddy. Everyone deserves one of those. :)


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