This person wants to be my friend on Facebook

First, I'm only friends with people I know--in real life--on FB. Second, who would use this as a profile photo?! I'm seriously afraid for my life now.

Dear Scary Person, may I interest you in some soap?

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I want to be friends with the chic lighting up on the side of the picture, bet 5 bucks she has a relative named "Scooter" and she has a beer in the other hand.
toddx said…
Now, wait a minute. Scooter is a stand-up kind of guy. He's always there for me with a pack of cigs and a can of Busch. :)
Scooter is the name on his birth certificate, his nickname is "Big Scootch."
mkf said…
sad thing is, twenty years from now and given this same opportunity, you'll probably fall on your knees thanking god that somebody this edgy and hot even bothered to notice you.

[and yeah, not only am i somewhat older than you, my sarcasm's somewhat darker and more refined than yours--welcome to your future.]
toddx said…
Oh, mkf, I can barely scratch the surface of the darkness in my soul here. We mustn't scare the kiddies.

"Edgy and hot," huh? Would you like the link to his Facebook page?

And how can anyone be older than I?
I'M edgy and hot, that's just grimey and soot filled, he's like a real life Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.
Matt said…
Yikes! Attack of the mole people!

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