Farm:Table: You have to eat here

I went here yesterday for lunch and came away so pleasantly surprised and satisfied that I have to share.

The owners of Farm:Table focus on taking whatever is fresh and available at the local farmers market and creating a simple (and delicious) menu. Yesterday, they had a salad, a soup, and a sandwich on the lunch menu board. I chose the creamy tomato soup and the grilled summer squash, arugula and cheese sandwich. No meat?!!! That's right. Both dishes were great. The soup was among the best tomato soups I've ever eaten. The sandwich surprised me the most.

Admittedly, I would normally not eat a squash sandwich. It's not my favorite veggie. But, I put faith in the cook's vision and I'm glad I did. The bread, the cheese, the seasoning: it all worked. Sitting in the sun at one of their two sidewalk tables didn't hurt the experience either.

In short, look them up and go for breakfast or lunch and some coffee. You'll thank me. Bon appètit!


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