Elmhurst, Illinois could teach the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a thing or two

Elmhurst has had ENOUGH of your shenanigans! After ejecting a resident for rolling her eyes at something a council member said (it's freedom of speech, folks, not freedom of eye movements), the Elmhurst council in its infinite wisdom asked the City Attorney to look into the creation of a "disturbance and disorderly conduct" that could include the sin of eye-rolling.

What is Supervisor Chiu waiting for?! They've passed a budget. Their work is effectively done--except for the whackjob stuff like this! Imagine the next outburst from Supervisor Daly: "Bailiff, eject that man for a breach of decorum--along with the rest of the people sitting out there who keep rolling their eyes when I mention Muni's improving statistics." Then, I think he'll go "Arrrgh" or something, like a pirate.

Now that would be worth watching on SFGTV.


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