Does this rainbow umbrella make me look gay?

chace crawford

No, but having a PA hold it for you does, Chace. When, oh when, will Gossip Girl end so these guys can move on to their Cinemax softcore porn careers?

Seriously, can you imagine just how much the guy holding the umbrella hates Chace and/or his career choice? "Let's see, I could be in business school, working at Best Buy, teaching inner-city youth, or holding an umbrella for a douchebag teevee star. I'll take curtain #4, Alex!" Poor thing.


samuel said…
That looks like my umbrella, but I hold it myself.
BosGuy said…
Its hard to figure out who is more pathetic. The 'star' who needs a PA to hold an umbrella (and appears oblivious to the soaked lackey) or the schmuck who has decided that this is a 'career' that brings him some sort of satisfaction. To the both I can only muster an emphatic, Oy vey.

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