Do women really dress like this?

Apparently, if you're in North Beach in San Francisco, they do. Let's see: Uggs + lime hoodie + very short shorts = très chic in this hood. Take note, SF wannabes, THIS is how you dress for success here.

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samuel said…
I'm in Knoxville, TN and haven't a seen a pair of Uggs since early spring. However, make any other piece of that ensemble a bright, screeching orange with a white T, and I've probably seen it lately.
BosGuy said…
Ah yes, she's mastered that ever so difficult look "I've given up". Many women have variations of that look here in Boston during the winter months.
Anonymous said…
I don't think they've given up, I think they think this is fashion thanks to Britt Britt and Miley.
She's probably on her way over to her boyfriend's house... to break up with him.

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