Is your haircut kosher in Iran?

Wait. Is kosher the wrong word? How awkward. According to the article, we're talking "bad hijab" here, my punked out friends. Put down the diffuser, the flat iron, and the hair paste and read this now:

Iran has unveiled haircuts that according to officials are in line with Iranian and Islamic principles.
The new haircut models approved by Iran's Culture Ministry are aimed at preventing haircuts deemed "Western" among Iranian youth.
Barbers and men with haircuts considered "Western" and fashionable have been warned in recent years.

I'm shocked SHOCKED to read that gay Iranian hairstylists barbers would have flamboyantly Western haircuts. What has the world come to? First, Uggs and now this. Decency! We demand decency!!

Check out some more photos here. And be sure to print out your style of choice for your stylist. I'd hate to have to stone you because of your mullet. Well, maybe not for your mullet. . . .


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