Dinner at Absinthe


We had dinner at Absinthe last night to celebrate Blake and Sean's birthdays (one week apart, so we killed two birds with the one proverbial stone). This was Absinthe's opportunity to redeem itself for me. I went there in January for my birthday and was underwhelmed by the food. Now, don't get me wrong. I've been back several times for drinks. And I have not been disappointed. Don't believe me? Check out The Art of the Bar.

This time around I had a Caeser salad (fine, not great) and the Crispy Pork Confit as my entree. It was delicious! Perfectly cooked pork with olive oil poached fingerling potatoes and some greens with a pork/mustard sauce. I ate every last bit.

After dinner, we went to Sugar for a drink, then to Marlena's to have one more sip of the sauce and enjoy a few performances in Hayes Valley's only drag venue.

All in all, a really good night with friends, food, and fun. Happy birthday, guys!


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