Will It Blend?

Has anyone seen this website? Will It Blend? I'm horrified, mystified, and completely entertained by the wanton destruction of, oh, just about anything you can imagine. In fact, this reminds me of an article I recently read in Details by Michael Chabon about the inherent sadism in boys. Chabon and his family are in Hawai'i and his daughter comes over and tells the parents that some boys are catching fish and ripping their gills open. Mrs. Chabon is shocked and turns to ask Michael if he ever did such a thing. He uses the opportunity to think back on his own childhood, his friends, and the nature of boys. In short, he's not shocked. Boys, as they say, will be boys. And apparently we like to torture stuff (and we aren't all psychopaths because of it). Back to the blender motif, though. The main graphic for the article is a blender filled with snakes and frogs. Voilá: will it blend?

I can totally imagine myself blending all sorts of things (especially things I should not be blending) when I was 8 years old. I mean, hello! It makes noise, it chops things up, and that is cool.

Now, the idea of spending $600 on something, tossing it into a blender, and turning said blender on frightens me a bit. I need to keep my inner billionaire in check, you know. Having said that, I can't help posting this timely little video.

iPhone meet iBlender


I think the worst thing I ever did when I was a youngster was tell people I didn't care for it was alright to wear white after Labour Day or brown shoes with a black suit.

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