The Kindness of Strangers

Someone gave this man a donut while he slept today. Better than a quarter, I think.

I really want to know what we can do about homelessness in this country, though. We are quite simply too wealthy to allow this. One little war in the Middle East could build how many homes, fund how many rehabilitation programs, help how many people vs. killing how many? It's sad and makes me feel helpless, so I wade back into the warm pool of apathy that anesthetizes us.

The Kindness of Strangers


Anonymous said…
I have worked with the homeless and various drug rehabs throughout my life. They are very hard to help, because many just do not want ANY discipline in their lives including basic hygiene. I know it sounds crazy, but many that I worked with liked the zero responsibility lifestyle of living on the street. Other problems are drug abuse and mental illness. Some of them just don't want to take their medication, so they end up living on the street coming in and out of reality. It is sad, but if you get to know some homeless people, you will have a different impression I promise.

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