Lazy Windy Sunday

It was a pretty sunny day (appropriate for a Sunday, no?), so R and I waited as long at morally possible to get outside and start the day. We had gone to see "Sicko" with Blake on Saturday night (I'll talk about that later; for now I'll just say, it was good.) And, before the movie, we had dinner at Fresca where the portions are face-sized. I was overwhelmed by the size of R and Blake's dishes. I thought mine was fairly normal, but as I began to eat it, the halibut and risotto cake seemed to regenerate. In the end, I was stuffed. Not that my bloatation stopped me from munching on Hot Tamales during the film or drinking some diet Coke. But, we're talking about Sunday: after getting our fill of the Food Network, we headed over to Noe Valley for a late lunch. Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers caught our eye AND they had outdoor seating. We were sold. Plus, there were plenty of people there which is usually a pretty good sign. We took our seats, R proceeded to chew on the menu, and I ordered a Baja Burger (avocado, Monterey Jack, salsa) with a diet Coke. R got the North Beach with mushrooms and artichokes.

We split this:
Oh, glorious ranch dressing! What did we ever do without you?

The burgers were pretty good. Mine was a tad overcooked, but that was my fault. I asked for medium well--still scared from my last burger that I ordered cooked medium. I think it mooed at me. R's medium burger was cooked exactly like I wanted. So, I kicked him, looking away casually like nothing was wrong.

Then, I called forth the death pigeons.

I mean, what is it with the pigeons? They are literally after me these days: their beady eyes and beaky beaks.

Later, we ended up downtown, trying to find R something to wear to a wedding this weekend. Union Square was hopping, but we didn't really find anything. Even after raiding the sale section at Banana. (I got a pair of khakis and a polo!)

We finished the night watching The Next Food Network Star (or whatever it's called) and eating tomato soup and grilled cheeses. Comfortable food to comfort my lazy bones. :)


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