Happy Deeeee-Pendence Day!

Here's what I'll be doing tonight thanks to Arlene. Photos will undoubtedly be taken:

Did you know that July 3rd is DE-pendence day? It's true!

In 1776, The night before the very first 13 gun salute, Thomas Jefferson, in a drunken haze, wrote an impassioned love letter to the English Parliament, declaring himself TERRIFIED of freedom and liberty, and wishing to "crawle into the pantaloones of king george III and nurse off his mighty kingdome "
The next morning, hungover and deeply embittered, Thomas ripped up the letter, burned it, and wrote what we now know as "the declaration of IN-dependence," eschewing any and all romantic attachments to England and harkening in a new era of barbecues, farmers tans, and OOO-WEE!-Yankee Doodle Dee-hee-lights!

You can celebrate DE-pendence day by making a list of things you are dependent on. Such as beer, wax lips, red undergarments or reality television.
then, like Thomas Jefferson, BURN THE LIST AT MIDNIGHT! SET YOURSELF FREE! It really works.

I will be having my own De-pendence day burning ritual TONIGHT at ocean beach, at 10:00 pm til whenever we feel really free. Anyone is welcome.

Wish me luck!


And the photos!

Deee-pendence Day Montage


Darling, Just look who's here! You're a very naughty boy, not answering your mail at that "other" place but I'll forgive you this once.

Angel, I noticed that little poll of yours - DON'T YOU DARE!!! Two very sound reasons, by the time you hit 35 it will have shifted to your knees and second, you getting a tattoo would be like graffiti on Micalangelo's David, why would anyone want to deface a masterpiece!

Well all that said, this girl has checked in for the longhaul!

Have a wonderful 4th and a safe one!
toddx said…
Oh, I'm only kidding. I wouldn't get a tattoo. Now, a piercing. . .

Gasp! Faint!

Darling, somehow I don't think you're the "Prince Albert" type!

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