Contrarian Mondays: Ordering Iced Tea at Starbucks


Why does it take the good people at Starbucks so much longer to make my iced tea than it does to make a venti quad shot soy sugar-free vanilla latte? I'm pretty sure my drink consists of water, ice and the tea concentrate. I don't even want sweetener. It should take 30 seconds to make. So WHY do I wait 5 minutes for my drink?

I guess the answer to that would be laziness.

Still, Peet's had tea brewed and hands me my iced tea before I leave the cash register. Now that is service.

Get you act together, Starbucks!


Darling Todd, You patronize Starbucks! Gracious, I had no idea you where on the Forbes 400, a man of means and not yet 30! Now dear, come over hear so I can sit on your lap and warm your wallet.
Anonymous said…
I work at Starbucks, I know why this happens, because people don't know how to time out hot and cold drink beverage prep times and they dont always go in order. example is like if they have 5 hot beverages and 2 were ordered before your tea and 3 after, but they have enough milk steamed or preped they will make all 5 at the same time, or skip the ice drink since it is the only one of it's "kind". I always try to beat the register myself, especially with my regulars. honestly not every barista cares about holding the starbucks standard or when you get your tea.

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