Why Aren't You Listening to Duffy? Why Wasn't I?!

I recently visited a new (for me) blog called About a boy and his briefs, and Christopher (Chris?), I have to say, writes one mean blog. I mean that as a compliment. I found myself going further and further back into his archive and really enjoying what I found. While perusing, I found his entry of this video by Duffy.

I had been reading about Duffy as the Second Coming from Britain, but I had yet to listen to her. I'm ashamed. She's wonderful. And now I've immersed myself in her sound.

I wanted to share the song that converted me. Enjoy.


Anonymous said…
Todd, if you like that blog you should read Alan Ilagan's blog. Its kind of egg headed like your blog and he also likes to quote writers that are on occasion obscure. Mr Iliagan tends to get naked on occasion(take note) for artistic purposes. My only criticism is that he doesn't archive, but a lot of his stories are an interesting read. I had met him in Chicago many years ago and didn't realize it until I read one of his stories and his face and situation clicked in my mind reminding me of where we met.
Ryan said…
Wow. I'm buying her album. (So, how does it feel to be an evangelist?)
Rachael said…
After your post, I saw the video for Mercy on a screen at a movie theater, and I bought the CD today. Love it! Can't wait to give it to several of my friends who I also think will enjoy. Thanks!

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