Mom Update

My mom's MRI turned out well Tuesday morning. Apparently, the surgery was a success. They will keep her in the hospital for observation for a while, of course, but I talked to her today. She seemed lucid and sounded tired. Luckily, the rest of my family (two brothers and a sister) are there with her.

Now I just need to plan a trip to see them. June, perhaps?

Thanks to those of you who sent kind words. I truly appreciate it.


Darling I'm glad to hear the news, keep us posted, don't worry too much and take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear this news Todd!

Rachael said…
Glad to hear the good news! Here's to a quick recovery.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad that your Mom is doing better. She is going to sound tire because they never let you sleep for long periods of time in the hospital.
Dixie said…
You said luckily your brother and sister are there. I would say luckily she also has you here too. Guilt is a useless emotion, friend. Glad she is doing well.

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