My Mother's Scar

This is painful to see. But, I must not look away.

Hearing the news that a loved one is ill catches you by surprise. Imagining all the terrible things that could happen occupies your waking thoughts and your fitful dreams. Seeing the reality of your mother in pain is nearly too much to bear.

Bear it, I must.

Get well soon, Mom.



Anonymous said…
If its that hard for you, imagine what it must be like for your Mother. I can sympathize though, because of a series of crazy happenings, my Mother had three separate operations this year and I was with her between 14 and 40 hours at a time for almost two months. It was at times torture because they only had basic cable, but it was important to be there because I have found the quality of care is relative to the amount of time family members are at the hospital. What makes it bearable is when you begin to see even a little progress. Good Luck

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