Gay Marriage? It's a Non-Issue in the Body Politic

At the start of this year's election season, according to the Pew Research Center, only 22% of U.S. adults said that gay marriage will be important to their vote in the coming elections - a substantial decline from the 32% who expressed that view in October 2004; sharp declines were also recorded in the proportion of voters citing other social issues -abortion and stem cell research - as very important. Only about a quarter of Republicans (27%) and roughly one-in-five Democrats (19%) and independents (17%) said gay marriage will be very important in their vote; in all three groups the proportions rating gay marriage a major voting issue have declined substantially. In contrast, the economy, health care, Iraq and education continued to rate as top issues for voters while the number concerned about energy rose sharply with 65% of voters saying energy will be very important to their vote, up from 54% in October 2004.


Anonymous said…
So basically what the poll is saying is that not only has opposition to gay marriage declined, but so has support. Its interesting because now gay marriage will be put on the back burner because it's importance to both Liberals and Conservatives is almost nonexistent. All 3 candidates don't believe in the term gay marriage so now nothing now has to be done because its not important.
Anonymous said…
Sorry bad last sentence. I meant to say all three candidates don't believe in the term gay marriage so now nothing has to be done because its not important to Americans
toddx said…
I suppose that's one way to read it. Or you could say that the issue causes less concern than before (see the abortion numbers). I would guess that racial equality wouldn't place high on this list today--not because people don't support the idea but because people accept it as a given. Gay marriage, and the concomitant recognition that gay citizens deserve full equality under the law, is slowly wending its way toward that same status. Or so we hope.

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