Sydney Pollack Passed Away

sydney pollack

I was sad to read that Sydney Pollack died today. He was the director of one of my favorite films, Out of Africa, and I enjoyed his cameos on Will & Grace. And, of course, there's always Tootsie.

To help memorialize Sydney, I offer the words of Isak Dinesen:

"If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me? Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?"

Dearest Sydney, we heard your song, too, and it was good. You will be missed.


Ryan said…
Aww, I really liked him.
Jackdaw said…
Beautifully said

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