My Mom Went to the Hospital and All I Got Was This Subdural Hematoma

subdural hematomas

But, seriously, folks. My mom had surgery tonight to relieve a subdural hematoma (just one, not two like pictured above). According to the surgeon, everything went as planned, and now she just needs to rest tonight. They'll check things out with another MRI tomorrow. I guess I'll be the only sibling not at the hospital. Ah, guilt.

Take care, everybody.


Anonymous said…
I hope your Mom is okay and that she heals quickly
Rachael said…
Hey I hope your Mom's okay, that is some scary stuff. I'll send prayers her way.
toddx said…
Thank you for the good wishes.
Todd darling I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, while I'm not a praying person (kneeling bags my nylons) I'll be keeping the both of you in my thoughts. I hope she'll be fine and up and about very shortly. Take care of yourself as well and don't let the guilt get to you it goes with the territory, it's one of the endearing talants that mother's have. Keep us posted.

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