Cosmo Drinkers Rejoice! Ice Discovered on Mars

Elated scientists probing the arctic surface of Mars with their newly-landed Phoenix spacecraft said Saturday they are convinced they have found a bright and shiny layer of real ice only inches beneath the Martian soil and directly under the body of the lander itself.

"It's the consensus of all of us that we have found ice," said Peter Smith of the University of Arizona in Tucson as he talked to reporters in a conference call only six days after Phoenix landed safely from Earth. "It's shiny and smooth -- it's absolutely astounding!"

My interpretation of this event is a little different. Imagine: a whole new world ripe for martinis. I don't know about you, but I'm getting my shaker and my space suit ready.



Todd darling I think you've been smoking funny cigarettes! All this Space Travel, man on the moon nonsense is purely an urban myth or something out of Flash Gordon and the Saturday Matinees, while I do admit it's fun to think about I don't think it will happen in our lifetime if ever. Darling how can they get a man in space when it still takes 72 hours to fly to the coast on the Pan-Am Clipper.
Anonymous said…
I think you are forgetting something quite important... or do you assume that the next press release will tell us that just inches below the layer of ice, they have discovered a liquor store?

Anyway, I'll get my skates and join you.
toddx said…
One can only hope, Jackdaw. Keep hope alive!

I do see a great potential ad campaign for Absolut, though.

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