Fashion Trends

I just found this list of upcoming fashion trends:

Wild West
Reversible clothing and accessories (that you'd actually want to wear on both sides)
Recession Chic junk jewelry
Saddle shoes (for men and women)
Asymmetrical jackets and blazers
Bow ties (for men)
Grown-up fanny packs
Mesh fabrics
'80s Country Club Prep
Incredible Details (intricate clothing tags, linings, unique resin buttons)
Found object jewelry (e.g. keys, paperclips, buttons)

Can I just say that when I start walking down Market Street in my saddle shoes, bow tie, cowboy shirt, and mesh pants, I am going to cause quite a stir.


Todd darling, In that get-up I think you'd better confine your afternoon strolls to Castro St.
lovesbacon said…
I will pay cash money to see you in that get up on Market and sixth.

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