September in San Francisco, Or A Reason to Dance in the Streets

September is a month of transition in my mind; it is a "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" and a perfect month to begin San Francisco's atypical summertime. As this year nears the end of its ripening, I hope we can all take a moment, like Autumn herself, to sit "careless on a granary floor" and enjoy the shortening days--the sunshine, the blue skies, the spontaneous encounter among friends at a neighborhood cafe, and, of course, Love Fest. Nothing defines autumn for me like a gathering of thousands, listening and dancing to electronic music in the center of the city. Who needs color-changing leaves when we have color-changing pants? What is the value of last loon's song when compared to the cheers of E-addled teenagers for their favorite DJ?

So, screw Keats and check out Love Fest on October 4th.

Love Fest SF


Darling Todd, Have you been sniffing your nail polish remover again ? September is indeed a transition month but only for putting your Whites away for the season and making arrangements to have your Fall furs taken out of cold storage.

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