Monterey aquarium

Rand and I drove to Monterey today to visit the aquarium and enjoy our last day of the 4-day weekend. I think the jellyfish were my favorite part (even though the otters were cute). The light and colors were great.

Afterward, we got some candy and drove to Carmel and walked barefoot on the beach. Then we had dinner outside at a little Mexican bistro. My carnitas were yummy.

I hope you had a good holiday too.


Darling Todd, That's all fine and dandy but I hope you remembered the real reason for Labor Day and put your whites away, we can't have you neglecting your fashion duties just so you can imitate Deborah Kerr's beach scene from From Here to Eternity.
Jellyfish, along you came,
and right away I'm stung.
Sweet words I long to whisper,
But you've paralyzed my tounge.

Jellyfish, I held you close,
and told you I love you.
But then the ocean took you back,
and now I just hold goo.

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