Posting #501: Gratitude

My otter, my friend

Thanks to everyone who has visited and continues to visit "Iced Tea and Sarcasm." I hope the ramblings of my febrile mind and the thematic randomness of my blog hasn't been too cumbersome. What can I say? I'm large; I contain multitudes.

And, I must add a special shout-out to Magnolia, my most devoted reader. Thanks for all the comments and the continued devotion to reading this mess of mine.

Thanks again to you all.

Todd and his giant otter


Darling if that's what a real otter looks like I see the wisdom of making them into fur coats.

Thank you for your sweet remembrance darling, had I not had my tear ducts removed in my last bout of surgery I would shed a tear of gratitude instead I'll settle for checking my insulin level, high sugar contents always worry me. ;)

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