Whole Foods Pretention Market

This was easily the most pretentious thing I saw today. While shopping in Whole Foods (a pretentious act in and of itself), I noticed these cute organic stone ground "Primavera" tortillas. One dozen for just $6. That's 50 cents per taqueria-sized tortilla. It's a bargain at twice the price.

Dear Whole Foods,

When you sell items like this, it makes it hard for me to take your "we're not more expensive than Trader Joe's campaign" seriously.


Darling Todd I just detest the place they think their shit doesn't stink!

I have never been in such an overpriced market in my life, I passed our branch several months ago and popped in for two or three staples and a package of blueberry muffins, I never check the prices in a market, food being food we need it, when I reached checkout and it was tallied up it came to close to 30.00! well my dear I nearly dropped by teeth it was more than double the price of the regular market.

Of course I should have got the first clue when the store opened down the street from Cartier and Prada but it's a market for God sake and nothing more no matter what they say!
Anonymous said…
So, how many did you buy?
Darling you'll also find that this particular brand of tortillas is wonderful for removing eye make-up. Honey at that price they better have more than one use!

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