McCain catches Obama Fever

McCain goes crazy for Obama

It had to happen. John McCain has finally succumbed to Barack Obama's charm, grace, wit, and (need I point it out) downright sex appeal. You see, it happened right after debate #3. Obama's arguments won him over intellectually, but it was Barack's "come hither" smile that tugged at McCain's heart strings. When that irresistible force met McCain's immobile object, love (or at least lust) bloomed. Or maybe it was the Cialis that Cindy slipped in John's Ovaltine.

Ah, democracy! Only in America. Or the Castro. So, vote No on Proposition 8 in California so John and Barack can consummate this budding relationship and live out their days in bliss.


-april said…
I thought it was PacMan Fever but in reviewing the tape I realize I was mistaken.

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