I'm a scientist now!

Rand and I visited the California Academy of Sciences on Sunday. As you may have heard, they just opened the new building designed by Renzo Piano. The building is indeed impressive. It blends in well with its surroundings, i.e., Golden Gate Park. I have a small bit of fear that in twenty years it will look like a building designed in the Seventies does now. Time will tell. And inside, the exhibits are big and informative (if a little depressing--apparently there's something called Global Warming I need to be worried about). And the kids seemed to be having fun as they dragged their parents along.


Taken all together, I have to say I was underwhelmed. The weekend was so busy that I had no chance of seeing the Planetarium show. The aquarium pales in comparison to Monterey. The line to see the Rainforest exhibit was hours long and, frankly, looked like it would have been anticlimactic after such a wait. Add to that the $25 entry fee, and I have to say, "Just buy the book."

Nevertheless, I had to take a few photos. Enjoy.


Anonymous said…
Me & my pal Jason went by on Saturday and just walked by, the lines were too insane. Maybe on a weekday. One of those monthly free days.
Anonymous said…
Darling Todd, only in California could they have a museum devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy, next thing you know they'll be telling us that Space travel and men on the moon is possible, what delightful whimsey, we'll never see it in our lifetimes.

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