KOR: Water Bottle as Fashion Accessory

RKS Design has finally created a water bottle for the ages. No longer will you have to be saddled with your second-rate Evian or Dasani bottles. Never again will you hide your face as you walk down the sidewalk with a Fuji bottle in one hand and a "Kick Me" sign in the other.

Now there is KOR. And don't call it a water bottle. It's a hydration vessel.


From their website: "Not intended for a trek to the Outback or the Himalayas, the KOR ONE is designed to be equally at home on an executive's desk, in a yoga studio, and at your side throughout the day. With intuitive, one-handed operation, the innovative cap hinges back to provide clear access to a mouthpiece small enough for a sip, yet big enough for a thirst-quenching chug. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™, the KOR ONE transforms drinking water from a reusable bottle from something we're supposed to do for the health of our bodies and our planet, to a little bit of luxury we can treat ourselves to throughout each day."

As an iced tea drinker, the thought of imbibing just water is anathema to me. Taboo, really. But, I recognize that some people feel the need to constantly hydrate sans the refreshing buzz of caffeine. They need to have their H2O within arm's reach 24/7. To those people, I recommend this:


If, however, you feel the need to part with $30 for an over-sized and over-designed Thermos, then watch CEO Eric Barnes as he sells you on the idea of a sexy water bottle (I mean HYDRATION VESSEL!!).


Anonymous said…
Darling Todd, the only thing that annoys me more than people wearing white after Labor Day is people who insist on dragging water bottles around. In my day we concealed flasks in our garters but it was a different time, we where young and gay and just returned from the "War to end all wars". Besides dear, one should never drink water, fish fuck in it!

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