Temptation! The Darker Side of Bake Sales

Can you believe that Amanda is tempting me with these cookies and cupcake? Yes, we're having a bake sale to support our employees who are in New Orleans helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. Yes, giving money to charity is usually a good thing. Yes, sweet yummy baked goods are a few of my favorite things. But, does she really want me to weigh a hundred and fat?!

Alas, the cupcake met its logical end shortly after this photo was taken.


Darling Todd you have the figure of a Greyhound you won't have to worry about things like weight and your hips until you hit your 30's.
Ryan said…
See, and I was worried that I wasn't doing enough to help out with the election in the US, and I hadn't even stopped to think about pro-Obama baked goods.

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