Anatomy of a dinner: Orzo with Garlicky White Beans and Chicken Sausage

I've gotten in the habit of cooking a late dinner on Mondays. Last night was no exception. After seeing a recipe for Orzo with Garlicky White Beans and Chicken Sausage on Pithy and Cleaver, I decided to make it. Here is where I admit that I've never cooked leeks before, so there was a bit of a learning curve: how to clean them? how to cut them? how long to cook them? Thankfully, there is YouTube.

All in all, I think the dish turn out pretty well. P&C called for spicy chicken sausage, but I just had a chicken and apple sausage. So, I think the dish could have used a little more kick (I even added some red pepper flakes, but it wasn't quite enough). I also think my leeks were chopped too finely. This rustic dish needed bigger chunks of leeks in my opinion. And, I felt like it was lacking some other ingredient, but I'm not sure what. Red bell pepper for color and crunch? If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Bon appetit!


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