Ken: The New (Flamingly Gay) "Toy Story" Character


The shorts, the scarf, the shoes, the color of them all, and the pattern of that shirt!! Do you think Ken will be hitting on Cowboy Bob (or whatever his name is--I haven't seen any of these movies)? Or will he be the asexual, lisping butt of all the other characters' jokes? I guess you'll have to wait and see and then report back.


Victoria said…
Cowboy Bob?? Cowboy BOB?? His name is WOODY, and just THINK of all the great jokes that could have come out of knowing that tidbit. For shame.
toddx said…
I'm sorry. I have to admit to never watching the Toy Story movies. Woody, ah, yes. I've heard that before. I will flog myself vigorously for having missed this opportunity.

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