This little penguin is us, and we are in trouble

This sad little video shows Opus heading out into the barren vastness of Antarctica, undoubtedly on his way to his death. What bizarre motivation drove him to commit this act of self-destruction? Does he know that global warming is destroying his world? Have industrial toxins infected his brain and disturbed his sense of place and time? Did he read the news that Ricky Martin came out as a "fortunate homosexual"? How can we know what message he may have received or what message he needs to impart? Why, oh why, didn't I take Penguin-language in college?!

I hope you'll watch little Opus as he perambulates toward his doom. He is a metaphor for our time, for our children, for our planet. He is a mirror held up to our excess, our self-obsession, and our misery. Do not look away.

Seriously, what is up with this penguin?! Penguins are supposed to be cute and funny, goofy and quirky. Get this thing to a shrink or beat it with one of those harp seal clubs. Either way, put it out of its misery and bring on the funny animals. I need a drink.


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