Apparently, I'm extremely progressive

Who wouldn't want to be progressive? Isn't progress the goal? Click on the photo to take the quiz yourself.

Progressive Quiz


Matt said…
I scored 301/400.
I got up to question 31 and got pissed that it was taking so long and quit. I'm already well aware that I'm extremely progressive, I use my conservative co-workers as a litmus test daily, lol.
mkf said…
199. they call that conservative, but i prefer to think of myself as progressive-lite.
BosGuy said…
Thanks for sharing. I posted it on my blog as well and linked back to you.
toddx said…
Matt, I expect you to do better next time.

Dixie, you're a Communist.

Solarjinx, your stamina suggests Libertarian.

mkf, we know you're a hell-raiser.

BosGuy, make sure you warn people about all the caffeine here! :)

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