Is this the Caffeine Tipping Point? I say emphatically "NO!"

There are those moments in one's life when corporate interests and popular imagination intersect to form a nexus of "OMG. No they didn't." But, I'm here to tell you, "Yes, they did." Just when you had resigned yourself to the consumption of a paltry 20 oz of your favorite coffee drink, Starbucks has come along and pulled the rug out from under you.

Behold the "Trenta." It's a 32 oz serving of café latte, café au lait, iced Sumatran, or plain old Joe. And it is FABULOUS. Finally, "they" have heard my wailing and gnashing of teeth. Why must I refill my glass every hour?! Why can't I get an extra 12 oz of caffeinated liquid bliss and save myself the walk to my local Starbucks? Why doesn't everyone understand that you can't trust anyone under 30 nor any drink under 30 oz?!!

The ranting and the waiting is over. Trenta, you had me at buon giorno.

P.S. Besides being named after a town in Southern Italy, isn't it obvious that it refers to "30" too?

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