Suing CBS for broadcasting penile surgery, or "How not to get a date"


I had never heard the term "pearly penile papules" before today, and now I wish I never had. I feel bad for Mr. Bowling, but is suing CBS really the way to bury this tragic event in his life?

Here's the story:
A patient claims the producers of CBS TV show "The Doctors" tricked him into appearing before a live studio audience to undergo laser surgery for "pearly penile papules," then broadcast his penis operation without his consent.

Pearly penile papules are harmless, noncontagious, skin-colored bumps.

Plaintiff Tyler Bowling, 21, of Minneapolis, says he suffered "relentless embarrassment and harassment" in phone calls and emails from acquaintances and strangers since the show's producers tricked him into appearing on "The Doctors."

I'm skeptical about the "tricked" part. Everyone is such a media whore these days (hey, have you checked out Iced Tea & Sarcasm?!!) and clamoring to get their 15 minutes of fame, so I find it hard to believe that the man didn't notice the cameras, the CBS producers, and the contract/waiver he undoubtedly had to sign. Give us a break, dude. And, please keep that thing away from us. Thanks.


"Everyone's a media whore these days" Case in point, remember balloon boy and all of his wonderful travels across the globe via weather balloon? Oh wait, he never climbed into that balloon, huh. Oh wait, his parents were MEDIA WHORES looking to get on TV anyway possible. Yeah, awesome. Penis bumps, what a fabulous path to take to the limelight. Awesome blog, I enjoyed it.
toddx said…
Glad you liked it. Watch out for those pearly bumps.

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