Maple Bacon Morning Coffee: When You Need a Pick-Me-Up and a Bypass

Boca Java has hopped onto the bacon express with its Maple Bacon Morning brew. Bacon vodka, bacon bandages, and bacon beer mugs. We are a nation of pork.

But, I see the appeal. Who needs a well-balanced breakfast when you can get it all in liquid caffeinated form? I pity the poor suckers who have to stop by McDonald's for their (gross) solid food breakfasts. Chewing is so 2009. Maple Bacon Morning is the new reality.

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Gauss Jordan said…
1. I've had bacon vodka. It smelled like a dog treat.

2. Bacon chocolate chip cookies are evil, because you can't (initially) see the bacon bits, but man, are they there.
toddx said…
I've heard the bacon vodka is not good. What a shame. It would have made my morning drinking so much more socially acceptable.

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